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For this Factory and Office Annex in São Paulo Brazil, a ‘high-low’ fusion was employed, where high-tech architectural design strategies imported from abroad were combined with local low-tech construction methodologies to create a ‘tropicalized’ digital aesthetic. Parametric design, digital environmental simulation, and digital fabrication were employed to design and prepare the instructional guides for a low-tech labor force using simple local materials to construct a parametrically rotating concrete-block façade screen, as well as custom-made digitally fabricated furniture and internal wall panels. The overall intent of the building was to provide an economical, environmentally sensitive, yet novel design to give a contemporary industrial identity to the factory complex. The annex building houses various programs on a split level site in front of an existing factory in the São Paulo industrial suburb of Taboão da Serra. The double-height ground floor space contains a new mechanized-loaded raw material storage facility, the first and second floors are dedicated to administrative office space for the factory, and the final floor is a show-room for factory products. View more View full description
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