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This apartment in Bilbao possessed two singular features that conditioned the planned approach right from the beginning. On one hand, a powerful reinforced concrete structure with edged girders; on the other hand, a polygon-shaped facade, furnished with sash windows that advanced over the front line. With this refurbishment what was tried to achieve was to enhance and maximize these particular characteristics so they could stand out. For that purpose, it was decided firstly to uncover the concrete girders and beams giving them an exposed finish; and secondly, a distribution in which the existing long and dark corridor was removed and integrated in the main room was projected. Moreover, the newly projected layout was inherited and conditioned by the disposition of the existing structure; thus, the decision was taken to place all the partition walls in track with the girders.  In order to emphasize and fully show the structure, walls do not conceal the beams, they do not even touch them, and in fact some centimetre distance is kept leaving a gap that in addition is used as illumination pit. View more View full description
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