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The Curry Stone Design Prize has selected 11 honorees as part of June’s Social Design Circle, whose work responds to the question: Can Design Reclaim Public Space? From NGOs to design collectives across the globe, each winner addresses notions of usage, organization, and amenities within the realm of public space, and is featured on the prize’s website. In addition to a new circle of monthly winners, the prize hosts a weekly podcast, Social Design Insights, complimenting the featured work and expanding on the monthly themes with leading practitioners in social design. Here are the 11 members of June’s Social Design Circle: Asiye eTafuleni With a team of architects, social scientists and informal traders, this South African NGO seek to address informal traders’ limited knowledge when it comes to public zoning and planning, which usually results in their eviction from established spaces. Most notably, the organization has worked on Durban’s primary transportation hub, the Warwick Junction, creating infrastructure for traders as the hub channels 460,000 daily commuters and 5,000 traders, while also defending vendors’ rights and documenting their daily lives. View more View full description
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