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It is three stories residence near the central Nagoya city. Requirements of client are 4 parking spaces (2 of them are with roof) and high ceiling living room on second floor with ample terrace. Parking roof is trussed from three stories building, consequently there can be used at terrace. By the garage has been become the space does not exist any columns, there has been made possible, which is 2 parking spaces with roof and a broad approach to entrance, at site of 7 meters’ width. There have been made 2 effects by truss becoming side wall at terrace. First has cut the view from neighbor and frontal road, another has cut out the cityscape and sky. Interior has been divided the square in quarters by put the wall and it has been made anomalous split-level house, in consideration for a number of rooms and a requirement is felt family’s coming View more View full description
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