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American architect and artist Vito Acconci has died at the age of 77 as the result of a stroke. A visionary performance and installation artist in his early career, Acconci turned to architecture and furniture design in the 1980s, subscribing to the belief that to truly make an impact on society, one needed to be designing objects that were “part of the world.” A strong adherent to architectural theory, Acconci believed that his unbuilt works were equally as important as his built projects, as only by pushing the limits of architecture could a future path for the field be paved. Some notable completed projects by Acconci Studio include the transformable façade of the Storefront for Art and Architecture (designed in collaboration with Steven Holl) and the Island in the Mur, an unprecedented structure that served as a bridge, theater, cafe and playground all at once. View more View full description
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