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The N1 Housing in Nemanjina 1 Street in Kragujevac (Serbia) is situated in the city core itself, on a narrow lot which is representative of a chaotic urban environment inherited from the past.  The project was created without direct regard to the narrowest context of the street, because the context itself had vanished in time, in a sense that entails the relation of the structure to the street, the city, the passersby, and ,ultimately, to the users. The context of secular, single-family architecture, lacking distinct characteristics of style, and with an undefined relation to urbanity, has become a burden, leaving no other choice but to be negated, while, on the other hand, the objects with certain architectural aesthetic from period between 20th and 30th of twentieth century that were meant for somewhat wealthier users, still remain as a wistful reminiscence of the past. A part of the street is also taken up by a multi-family building built within the previous 10 years, which is a representative example of construction for market use.  View more View full description
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