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The project is designed as a mountain hut for a large, and, or four prospective families and is a paraphrase or modern reinterpretation of a traditional timbered house of the region. The idea is that it should blend into the landscape with the same straightforwardness as a barn, or a storehouse, as a natural part of the built surroundings.  The framework of massive wood from Isotimber is manufactured in the same municipality, and is a natural refinement of a timbered house structure. The untreated wooden facade of Northern old pine heartwood will age over time and get a natural variation depending on the direction of the facade, like the oldest houses in the village. The housing body is long and narrow 4.2 x 19.2 meters and follows the terrain up to the highest point on the plot.  On the site the house creates a natural shield against the north and west, and thus provides a sheltered spot in the southwest with afternoon sun. View more View full description
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