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Located on a small cross street to Dorival Caymmi Avenue in Itapuã, the house that bears the same name as the fascinating neighborhood of Salvador was born by the necessity of the owner to live and work in the same place. The house holder, Dj and company owner that provides physical structure for small and medium events, wanted above all a practical residence, durable and easy to maintain. The estudiofarol proposal was for the building to be executed in two stages, the first one (currently built)is the initial embryo of the residence together with the space destined to the company and the second stage would be the enlargement of the residence in a superior floor that will be executed in the future. The house is located on the west side of the building, opening to the north, south and east faces. The neighboring building on the west together with the blind wall of this face protect the house of the solar incidence from the west of the location but allows the access of indirect illumination coming from the north and east faces. The northbound front recoil makes it possible to park both the owner's vehicle on the east side and the truck´s company on the west side, which is higher so that the trunk of the truck is protected from rain while unloading. View more View full description
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