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In the 1950s Bedford was a new subdivision of small, repeated plan houses on the outskirts of a small Perth City. By the 2010’s, urban growth, infill and improved public transport had drawn this area closer to the inner suburban belt and improved the amenity and appeal of the area. Attracted by the opportunities to design an affordable adaptation of an outdated suburban housing model, 15 minutes from the city centre, the architect owners embarked on a subdivision and design process.    The original lot was firstly subdivided to locate the original cottage on 470sqm. With a consciousness of the loss of mature trees and green space, the architectural response became focused on the connection between newly formed external spaces and new additions. The architects were interested to design so as to borrow light and space from outside, supplementing internal spaces, whilst offering privacy from neighbours who were now closer than in previous years.  Originally built for economy and efficiency, the original house demanded a similar approach for the additions. The concept explored simplicity and robustness in keeping with this context whilst creating generosity and connections of space not offered by the original design.  View more View full description
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