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The project of Thirty-pine Villa was redesigned and reconstructed through anastylosis in the countryside of the city of Esfahan, Iran. This project consisted of an open landscape and a small construction within.  The garden therein has thirty 30-year-old pine trees. The path to the building was formed as bad as possible as it started from the garden door, continued under these pine trees, and ended by the building entrance. It had jeopardized the life of these pine trees.     The building was not in concordance with the landscape of the garden in terms of dimensions and visual aspects and, therefore, did not meet the employer's demands for an appropriate hospitality for the parties and symposiums. The design strategy of the landscape of the garden building was to pay full attention to the nature and, more importantly, to preserve the life and privacy of the pine trees.  The project was thence named Thirty-pine Villa.  View more View full description
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