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Programmes of this type are notorious for producing mundane buildings – devoid of interest at best, and often outright urbicide. Our vision goes beyond the mere cosmetic upgrade of the decorated shed, asking: How can the designers of a supermarket quietly succeed in weaving part of the urban fabric?  UrbanismSituated in the middle of an elongated 180m long and largely paved city block, the project aims to improve the quality and permeability of the site, both for users of the building and for residents of the area. In order to create a new public pedestrian crossing which splits the block, the existing building – which was due for demolition – is relocated to the edge of the plot. The new building helps to upscale a difficult zone, enclosed between high party walls. The clarification of the flow of vehicles on the whole site and placement of a substantial part of the car park underground reduce the visual impact of the cars, and allow large areas to be covered with greenery. This also improves the routes across the block for soft mobility.  View more View full description
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