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House QM answers the building regulations in a different and "twisted” way. 
House QM is situated in a new allotment that exists out of square plots of the same size, with the same building regulations; houses must recoil 5m of every side of the terrain, have 2 levels and must have a flat or sloped roof.
This results in similar looking two-story houses as an extrusion of the square building zone. This house puts a twist on things. An angular displacement of the building realizes an optimal combination of orientation, privacy and views. This “twisted” implantation improves the spatial qualities inside and outside. Three different garden zones were formed; the driveway and carport, the intimate garden on the side of the bedrooms and the more active garden on the south-west. The typology of two-story blocks was turned around to a deconstructed “bel-étage”. The main living spaces are situated on the upper floor, providing the residents with far reaching views and abundant light influx.  The bedrooms are on the garden level regaining their required intimacy. View more View full description
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