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The backyard, located in northwest of Beijing, seated at the foothills of Baihujian natural scenery, is a typical Beijing three-section compound which stands in a traditional village architecture complex. There is a hundred acre picking garden right beside the west of the rail, which extends to the hillside. Built in 1983, the original yard was comprised of three houses, one facing north, the other two, respectively, orientated in an east west direction. The entrance was originally situated toward south. The relationships of each space were like simplified version of traditional Beijing courtyard where the areas appeared to be large but most of them were actually unused spaces. Aimed at accommodate three families or 10 person-group, the whole building was reconstructed by designer.  Firstly, we reserved the original north room and tore down the east and west wing-rooms. The main peak of Yanshan mountain ranges, which was used to be invisible and could only be seen through the ridge of the roof, now can be appreciated from the west side of the backyard. View more View full description
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