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The project aims to reconstruct a natural space between a large artificial platform (logistic) designed for cars, buses, trucks, etc. This is a small space on a human scale: a shelter for humans, to insects, to birds, ... for the soul. In general the design is very simple, minimal and perhaps a little ‘”brutalist”, but it was in our intent has introduced another small reflection on the shape of the trees and on the similarity between the behavior of plants and man and in general on the “weakness “. The site was occupied by several small buildings, temporary and illegal shacks. In the first phase of the project has been demolished and all the material was differentiated by type (inert, wood, metal, earth, sand, etc ..). Then it was ground and added with the “binders” substances to achieve a durable conglomerate, but permeable. The project is self-sustaining because it was reused throughout the land and this has been screened, cleaned and applied with a new form to create a “natural arena” with only the ground. View more View full description
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