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The project is a conversion of three pump stations originally constructed in the late 1960s in connection with the large land reclamation project where Skjern River was straightened out. A large number of environmental problems were associated with this alignment of the river, leading to the river being restored to its original run in 2002. In this way a vast and rich natural area reappeared with many visitors. The original pump stations contained underground water chambers, large halls for the pumps, storage rooms and high voltage rooms. The original pumps in the pump hall were essentially taken out of operation and there has been established a new type of pumps located in the underground water chambers. In this way, the upper part of the building was no longer in use. A framework for the new life of the area has been provided with the rebuilding and extension of the over ground parts of the three pump stations, in the form of exhibition spaces, indoor and outdoor viewpoints to look out over the landscape, rooms for different kinds of events, and accessibility for disabled. View more View full description
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