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Earlier this year, Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius of Lithuania announced three winners and five runners-up of the Science Island international design contest. The competition drew 144 entries from 44 countries, and among the three winners selected by the international competition jury, Kaunas City Municipality will choose one to realize their proposal, which is scheduled to open in 2018. Given the competition's high profile, ArchDaily has received a number of additional entries to the contest showing alternative possibilities for the site. Read on to learn about four of these entries from WAH Studio, Andrew Burns Architects, TheeAe Limited, and FARA-ON Union. WAH Studio From the architects. The Science Island museum is space to experience knowledge, building as a void, the mass becomes the outline, the skin holds the enclosure, the inner space where the simulations of climates and contexts, the supporting function becomes the columns of the void, like space, time machine, from the outside nothing more than sculpture in that unique garden, trying not to erase or change its roots and movements, allowing new ones to appear by its walkers around sculpture. View more View full description
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