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The project is a photography studio complex for a young photographer who specializes in automobile, product and fashion photography.  The premise, based in Pune, India, which was earlier a factory complex, was in an abandoned and dilapidated state as it was unused for many years. It comprised of a large factory shed, servants’ quarters and a watchman’s cabin with a good amount of open spaces in the front. This area was in a no-development zone, hence it was not allowed to build any additional covered structure outside the limits of the existing structures in the complex.  The exercise therefore, was to provide all the requirements while maintaining the footprints of the existing structures.  The Factory shed was converted into the studio for the photography due to its expanse and the height available, while the watchman’s cabin and the servants’ quarters were converted into an image processing unit and an office respectively. An unused space of about 7’ between the new office (erstwhile servants’ quarters) and the factory shed was converted into a transition court, which the office looked into.  This court, which is secured with a M. S. Pergola above, provides light and ventilation to the office, which has blank walls on 2 sides. An L- shaped wall flanks the court on the front side, providing some enclosure and housing the L shaped pergola, which highlights the entrance to the office. Linear, multi-colored windows in wood planks, open out the office façade to the paved, landscaped entrance court with existing and added plants and a couple of green benches.   View more View full description
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