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Over the course of history the unique characteristics of wood, which are dependent upon the species of the tree and the location in which it has grown, have enabled humanity to flourish in all parts of the globe. The architectural details of wooden construction therefore show a great diversity of meetings and joints, showing not only a project's constructive and structural logic, but also embodying the value and complexity of each project. Take a look at these 50 construction details of projects that stand out for their clever use of wood. 1. Hostal Ritoque / Alejandro Soffia + Gabriel Rudolphy  2. Whitetail Woods Regional Park Camper Cabins / HGA Architects and Engineers  3. Belvedere For Koblenz / Dethier Architectures  4. Name Observatory, Birdwatching Circuit / Mauricio Orlando Rojas Riquelme  View more View full description
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