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[In New York] there’s this math problem: 1.8 million small households and only one million suitable apartments. – Mimi Hoang, principal of nArchitects Last year, nArchitects released a trailer that teased the development of their winning adAPT NYC entry, Carmel Place (formerly known as My Micro NY). The competition sought to address the need for small household apartments in New York City. Now in a newly released video, the full story of the city’s tallest modular tower comes together in smooth timelapse to a dainty piano soundtrack. With the original adAPT NYC competition being part of the Mayor’s New Housing Marketplace Plan, the proposal was granted special mayoral overrides—most notably waiving the minimum 400 square foot floor area of an apartment unit, hence Carmel Place’s extra-small footprint. The 55 units within the building are 260-360 square feet each, which residents moved into in June this year. Each of the 55 micro unit apartments is its own self-supporting steel frame module. Another 10 of these steel framed modules serve as the building’s core. View more View full description
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