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Fuzhou city in Guangxi province is a beautiful ancient town. Liujiang River washed out a island of dozens of square kilometers which shapes like a boat in Guangxi karst land, offers great views which is far more better than Guilin. Liuzhou Suiseki hall is located in the southeast of Deer hill park. Behind the Liuzhou Suiseki hall there are two mountains which one is lower and rounded and another is higher and steeper, the local people call them Mother red deer hill and Red deer eggs Hill,they stay harmony and contrast the characters of each other, called the masterpiece of nature gods.As a Perfect echo of the two hills,a prior architectural form was born with the right folded and the left curved. On the architectural space and shape design, first, the rectangular plane is distorted in “X”and”Y” dimension into a parallelogram which is divided to 12 parts by “s” shaped curves, these 12 parts have self-similar characteristics. Second, after tearing the plane, the z axis entered. Each part is extruded vertical along a S shape, the movement of each part participate with the other parts and the macroeconomic effects. View more View full description
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