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“Hydropolis” was established in an underground clean water reservoir. It belongs to the Water & Sewage Treatment Company - Wrocław and is one of the architectural monuments of the water supply system.  The clean water reservoir was built between 1890 and 1893 as one of the elements of the water supply system “Na Grobli” and originally served as a filtering system until 1904. The pumping station adjacent to it from the west was built in 1924.  “Na Grobli” is one of the few so well preserved historical water supply plants in Europe. As a site entered in the register of monuments, it is subject to strict protection and conservation. After the building was closed down, its further degradation could only be prevented by adapting it to new general interest functions.   The clean water reservoir, the old filters, and the pumping station adjacent from the west to the reservoir, are part of the “Na Grobli” water supply system. The reservoir cross section has a rectangular shape measuring approx. 72.8 x 63.9 meters. It is covered with a green roof, with air vent stacks which primarily served to reduce the air pressure within the reservoir. View more View full description
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