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The establishment of the project “ESAT Henri Robin” (an organization which provides car through employment) results from the following considerations:-Lenghtwise establishment in a North/South way, identical to the nearby sites-Reinterpretation of the warehouse’s typology : long buildings with two identical roof sides Visitors and staff enter the office center through a landscape strip and a sheltered forecourt. A plant-covered courtyard connects the different workshops and ensures private areas to the users. On the North-West part of the site, a technical courtyard insures the receipt of merchandise. Working on a lengthwise basis, we set up a slider logic in which each hub owes a building appropriate to these spatial issues.  The principal of material distinguishes the gables from the other frontages of each building – we have a wood cladding system ahead of colored panels on the bottom part. The upper part of the frontage is made of polycarbonate in order to provide a diffuse light. The lateral frontages present more neutral material : a natural aluminum corrugated cladding.  View more View full description
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