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Schizopherenic facades, contrasting in a single building located at the center of Milan, Italy. The Milanese studio Barreca & La Varra decides to improve a buildings facades which was constructed around 1930s with a late 19th century style in the center of Milan, on Via Melloni.  The building consists of 4 floors, plus a basement and an attic. The old look of the building had a brusque façade facing the street and a banal ordinary interior. Overtime, a lift shaft had been added which was not matching with the previous architectural characteristics of the building.  Rather than trying to make the parts look the same, Barreca & La Varra decided to point out their differences with a new design. The ordinary look of the southern façade, facing to the street changed by adding a hidden long terrace that completes the style of the north façade, facing the interior of the building. This look was approached by designing a series of false windows that are cut out from the horizontal sunshade, leaving the attic level set back, there was space created to form a long balcony.  View more View full description
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