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What initially was meant to be the repair of some humidity and filtrations, turned out to be the full rehabilitation of this historical building, which dates to 1860, to its original value of “Posito Pesquero”. During the intervention it becomes self-evident that, the different actions executed over time on the building, as well as the evolution of the building´s purpose, have provoked the initial condition, together with the composition and the cavities in its facade, to be found completely modified and detracted from its initial aspect due to its constant adaptations towards its current function, making it unrecognizable when compared to its initial aspect and projection. Externally, the walls were found covered by different layers of paint and mortar. Internally, a brick wall covered with tiles, hid the original ashlar and masonry walls. Two levels of false ceilings placed at different heights prevented the view of the original wooden structure which composed the roof of the building. View more View full description
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