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The edifice of the Machine-à-Eau enjoys a key position in the civilian, architectural and urbanism history of the city of Mons. The listed building remains at the heart of an ambitious, complex project, since both contemporary extensions complete the historic building on both sides, encompassing it is a whole bearing the sense of its new function. The project responds to two urbanism components: one is founded on the evolution of the city (revolution of the behaviour of a movement in the nineteenth century). This notion of hinge will make the building into the articulation of the project. The second designates the immediate environment of the Machine-à-Eau, which is made up of an indefinite sum of spaces that deserved to be rehabilitated. The project resolves these various decompositions by reestablishing a contiguous front on the angle of the Boulevard Dolez, etching the new templates in the typological continuation by leaving their own identities to ancient buildings and enhancing them. The existing light, open aspect and cantilever symbolise the effort and difficult equilibrium of peace under which we find a memorial space. View more View full description
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