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Hortes de Baix is a heritage irrigation space of 3.7Ha annexed to the historical center of Caldes de Montbui, a thermal city founded by romans near Barcelona. This space has suffered the gradual environmental and social degradation of its landscape. This characteristic process of the peripheral landscapes of the twentieth century is here mainly caused by the water pollution of the stream that supplies the irrigation system, the poor accessibility to the space and the breakdown of the irrigation community. These vegetable gardens were historically watered with the surplus of thermal washing places and the stream rainwater that poured into the main irrigation canal. This canal, formed by stone walls almost 3m high, is the main element of the irrigation system. But with urban growth the stream was covered and poured much of the sewage from the urban center. The canal has become an open sewer. This has caused health risk for the horticultural production as well as for its public accessibility (extreme bad odors and visual effect). The limited availability of clean water triggered the claim for water as a public good asset, as a heritage to reintegrate into the citizen imaginary. View more View full description
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