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Airport Pavilion is part of a series of 12 urban pavilions we designed for Hyundai, comprising a showroom and an exhibition area. Three themes guided the process: for the city, the building as an installation; for the architecture, the program flexibility; and for the construction, a reproducible pattern of technology. This pattern is, indeed, the series’ unifying element, transforming a technical problem into a language element. More specifically, a transparent volume assembled from the junction of steel profiles and frameless glass. A reduction, so to speak, where a large volume consists of few materials.  For the Airport Pavilion, we worked with two overlapping boxes: one in glass, which contained the exhibition area, and the other as a kind of second skin which acts as a brise-soleil at the same time, thereby enabling the required transparency for the functioning of the showroom. This skin is defined by a system of elevated walkways which, at the same time, define the facade’s dynamic lines, as well as set a promenade from which the interior can be contemplated. View more View full description
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