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They come to us because there is a problem. Their private garden, that used to have sunset views over an infinity pool, has recently been blocked by a big raw grey 15x9 mts. wall. They feel emotionally affected by that threatening wall whose spatial and material properties are by all means negative. It is flat, raw, hard, dry, dull, gloomy, gray, challenging and impenetrable. The concept must go far beyond a regular vertical garden. They have already discarded former projects. A simple green wall does not keep it from still being a wall. Negative properties are alleviated, not eliminated. We propose an active element that reacts to light and climate issues, with reflections, vegetation and sprayed water. Besides creating a new horizon, it climatizes the garden and creates new spaces and tours on it. To be clear, it is a toy that can recall their previous sunset experience. View more View full description
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