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Located on Middle Furong Road, Changsha, the 17-storey Firework Mansion used to be the dormitory building for staff of the former state-owned Hunan Firecrackers & Fireworks Import and Export Company. The company spared no expense to build this mansion and poured the whole building structure with concrete. Nowadays, young people have moved out of this mansion, so those left are mostly retired elderly people. There is a small 60 m2 two-bedroom apartment on the top floor of the building. The once high-expense complete shear wall structure forms a light tight environment between the rooms and between the apartment and the outside. Even in daytime, the interior is dim and the living room has no light at all. The owners want to transfer this apartment into a family bookstore, and name it “Reedom”.They wish to provide a good place to go for the residents in Firework Mansion. View more View full description
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