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Harasic y López Law Office is an open 500 square meters floor plan used by the law firm. The office is located on the 19th floor of a prominent building in Nueva Las Condes, a financial highlight district of Santiago. With this Project we explore different concepts such as integration into rigid spaces, lenguage of conservative spaces, hierarchies, recycling and expression of materials.  Working as a lawyer: Because the way of working, lawyers require, isolated spaces for concentrated work. Meetings are less common. This is very typical in both, large and small law offices. This frequently translates into a lot of rooms, corridors and disconnected spaces. In this proyect, to balance out this effect, we thought of a unique central space in which all the offices are organized within it. With this distribution we concentrate walking areas, force and promote encounters between people, and subsequently revitalize the common areas. The layout has a main and wide corridor that goes from north to south, receiving all day the sun from the north. The main meeting room is placed in the north at one end of the corridor, with views on to the Araucano park and theAndes mountains. Inmediately continuing are located partners offices, all of them with the same size and orientation, then associated lawyers and in between some minor meetings room that allow meetings at several points of the office. On the other side of the corridor are reception, library, secretaries desks, attornys, accouting office, dinning room and baths. Despite having different hierarchies of work, all converge inmediately following the personal office door in the same space. View more View full description
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