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The Library for a university is so self-evidently important that It is often the core, the symbol and spirit symbol of a university building. It also has a pivotal position for the new campus, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, Anji campus, so at the first begining of the design, we choose the most important land in the campus for the library. And in the meanwhile, architects hope to perform and shape the core construction from inside to outside, with the most pure colors and design skills. White is elegant and noble, so the architects make an important decision to choose white as the theme of the facade. As The library is only about 4200 square of construction area and the volume is not large, architects design a very pure and simple cube for it. Light white marble of external wall material goes so well with the simple and square building body, which creates an elegant and pure white tone character for the whole building. View more View full description
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