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The site sits on a higher side of a hill that gently climbs up from the Pacific Ocean near Katsuura, located in a region called Sotobo (Outer Boso Peninsula) in Chiba prefecture.  The slope is not steep enough to make it a spectacular lookout point.  The area has been developed for vacation homes with spacious lots.  The local rule prohibits the fences, which makes the whole area look like a comfortably stretched residential quarter.  In addition, as it is under a three-hour drive from Tokyo via TokyoWan Aqua-line (Trans Tokyo bay Expressway), its convenience has attracted a considerable number of retired people who decided to spend their remaining lives over here.  As for my client, he has already retired from work, is enjoying an urban cultural life in Tokyo, and spending his hobby time as a ceramist in Chiba.  The house has been planned as his second home. View more View full description
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