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The Public Library is part of a public-private initiative taken to rebuild the city of Constitución after the 8.8 degrees earthquake and tsunami that devastated the town during the year 2010. It is a small settlement situated in the very core of one of the biggest clusters of wood production in Chile. This situation gives identity to the town and also creates the best conditions to find not only high quality wood materials but also extremely well gifted carpenters to carefully craft a wooden building.  With regard to the formalization of the project; it is the result of three main decisions. Firstly: In order to overlook the millenary trees of the civic square that is in front of the site; to rise the library 1,6 meters over street level. Secondly: With the purpose to filter and balance the light; to cover the 3 main areas of the programme (children, young and adult readers) with 3 reticulated wood naves and Thirdly: In consideration to communicate the public character of the edifice; to organize the façade with 3 monumental glass cases that not only invites to see new books arrivals but also -with its benches and canopies - offer shelter to the passerby. View more View full description
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