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The project involves the reuse of the ticket o ce of the adjacent multisport facility, abandoned since years and its reconversion into a co ee-bistro. The property, owned by the municipality, has been the subject of a call for tenders for the award to private investors, with the aim not only of renovating a run-down but mainly to combine the private’s wishes and aspirations with the public needs. The main goal is to recover the building and simultaneously to improve the quality of the surrounding built-up area in a highly critical neighbourhood. The project, in compliance with the current regulations and in respect of the budget, involves the realization of an outer skin made of low-cost and reused materials (Aquapanel® panels and carpentry wooden slats) that reshapes the building. The openings on the side façades (that look south on to the sports arena and north on to the under-construction building cooperatives) are shielded by the new lter; two large windows, the one on the entrance and the other one aligned on the opposite face, open up a view on the urban landscape. View more View full description
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