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 Project The Christchurch North Methodist Church has existed on this site for at least 100 years. However, due to damage sustained in the September 2010 and February 2011 Canterbury earthquakes, the church complex has been demolished, leaving a cleared site.  Approach The limited construction budget has been the primary factor in targeting a minimalistic approach in the design. The intentional restriction of use of details and materials helped to achieve a stronger expression of architecture without exceeding costs. The clearly defined form enhances the contemplative atmosphere of the space, emphasising its predominant function. The key landmarks of the site have direct impact on how the building is organized. The south side, being most exposed to public view naturally plays an iconic, expressive role. From the west, the building faces the community side. In this area, it is open, transparent and inviting, encouraging all to come closer and feel welcomed inside. The east side creates opportunity for the location of a silent, contemplative backyard with a tranquil garden. It enhances the atmosphere of a worship space and helps to maximise the visibility of the entrance. View more View full description
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