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The project is a multipurpose academic building which commission was the result of a private competition held by the Universidad del Norte de Barranquilla in Colombia. This Caribbean city is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Magdalena River. The average temperature is 28ºc and the relative humidity is of 80%; this implies a challenge for the project’s thermal efficiency and control. The implementation of the building acknowledges and values the series of patios that conform the campus and takes the main pedestrian flows in an access patio that incorporates the existing vegetation and behaves as a public access level with collective activities for leisure and recreation that promotes the interactions of the academic community. With 11.220 m2, the project has a mixed academic program that consists of an archeology museum, engineering and computer laboratories, graduate and undergraduate school classrooms, 2 auditoriums and offices. Its floors are open and flexible with a service core, technical facilities and vertical circulations. The movement of people and technical network distribution are established as systematic circuits. View more View full description
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