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Szki architects implemented the design for ParkHouse Kikugawa that is located in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan. Kikugawa is a new residential area. In this area, there is a park on the north side which gives a beautiful green scenery to the area where local young families with children gather for play and relax on a daily basis. Since the biggest earthquake and tsunami occurred in the northeastern part of Japan back in 2011, the population of this area is emerging because of the people moving from the coast side on the crisis management purposes from the natural disaster. Historically this area has played a role as an agricultural district. Thus, the town is designed to leverage its native geographical feature. This town is planned to be emerged up by the climate of the park which will observe the town for next hundred years. Potentially ParkHouse Kikugawa was constructed to be a prototype of this town that will show well ordered identification with a center of the park. View more View full description
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