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Located in Coimbra's industrial area, the Adémia office building and storage warehouse is made of two volumes combining warehouse space, office facilities and a commercial area. The smaller two storey building is located at the limit of the site and faces the main street. The commercial space is set at the entrance level with offices located on the first floor. A larger and longer one storey building (the warehouse) is located at the centre of the site and it is formed by a combination of five equally sized units with pitched roofs. The combination of the two volumes  occupies the entire length of  the plot.  A flat-roofed passage on the first  floor  connects  the two buildings, creating a view over the courtyard at street level, which is used as meeting space and a parking area. The selected materials play a major role in the characterization of the two volumes. Constructive solution and detailing become the formal identity of these buildings. A horizontal line runs across the two buildings, creating a clear distinction between two key materials: concrete and grey coated corrugated steel panels. View more View full description
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