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The materials initially considered were steel plates and transparent polycarbonate, but I could not yet find a material that can resist the salinity of the ocean water. However, we were in a hurry and began the process of demolition first. In this process, I found out that the material used was a dark coloured tile before it was covered with white paint.  The tiles did not come off with ease as we had wished. I found tiles with chipped paint, completely peeled off paint, and parts where the mortar that kept the tile on the wall was chipped as well. Another thing I would like to mention is that the restaurant was at a distance from the nearby neighborhood and thus did not have many visitors. Moreover, it was difficult for people to approach the restaurant because the Jeju Olle Trail in front of the building was very steep. Therefore, I centred the reconstruction plan around the fact that a café would open up on the 1st floor. View more View full description
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