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The Beira-Mar neighborhood in Aveiro, has a morphology based on contained volumes, with varied heights. Its value lies not so much in some specimens more or less notorious, but especially in the unity within their diversity. Diversity in materials, colors, shapes. The narrow plots, varied roof tops and long streets also give it a particular scale. The plot only faces north, sandwiched between buildings. Sunlight only appears with expression in the coverage. Therefore the design reversed the traditional organization of the house from the bottom up. The common floor benefits from the terrace and the privileged views. The bedrooms are positioned on the middle floor and the ground floor serves other facilities - garage, laundry room and a small workshop. The house loses constructive volume as it rises. From an almost full occupancy on the ground floor is goes to almost one third of it on rooftop. This floor only contains the living room, a small kitchen and sanitary. Because of this lack of space the living room extends between two floors through a void that accompanies the stairs. View more View full description
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