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The place affirms its liberty and appears free from the barely solemn city, only defined by a nick of water and trees who crystalize History on this very site. Nothing stands up to this geographical feature. There, a very vivid and live passage, a bridge, and the beyond — the inner city border, the one of links and connections. Located East, in the Ferté Bernard, Sartre area, the Jean d’Ormesson media library is set in a dense urban area, at the heart of the city. The 1800m² lot is situated on the edge of the old town and the river that surrounds it. Opposite of the old town, the outdoor activities center and the main traffic lane gather to galvanize the nearby cycle of ongoing movement. They both break the connection with the large body of water. The Media  library is a delicate object, dramatized within a subtle mist coming from the ground and transforming the forecourt into a large mirror reminding of the surrounding water. View more View full description
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