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La Casa de Marta is located in Celorio, Concejo de Llanes, Asturias. Between Oviedo and Santander, approximately one hundred Km from each city. This is one of the most beautiful areas of northern Spain. Mountains, beaches, Cliffs, and exuberant vegetation form a spectacular natural setting. The 850m² site slopes down from the north to the south toward the views. The surrounding context is low-density residential composed of single-family houses predominantly. There are plenty of green areas and beaches. The vertical volume is located towards the East; it contains the private areas (bedrooms and bathrooms) to take advantage of the morning light. The roof of this volume has the same slope as the existing site. The horizontal volume cantilevers towards the south and west aligning to the existing geometry of the site. It is glassed on its south side to allow natural light into the building especially during the winter months. An opaque ventilated façade to the west protects the building from the predominant winter wind (gallego) as well as the most intense sun radiation in the warmest summer months. View more View full description
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