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During the period of 2015.08.21 and 2015.09.10, there were a series of public cultural activities named “Gravitational Field——interconnections between architecture and public culture” helding in the Jing'an Temple Square, which is the most prosperous site in Shanghai. And one architectural installation -- 《Flexible Landscape》was born, which is both artistic and practical.  Jing'an Temple Square is relatively 7m lower than West Nanjing Road, so the installation is understood as a set of open landscape in this site, and looks like a bonsai of the city, getting involved with a soft and light profile. Two arc-shaped ridges scattered, as if mountains in the basin, cleverly responding to the open stage and the crowded metro exit.  Due to the square stone material ground does not allow any damage, the whole installation was impossible to has basis or ground fixation. And considering of the powerful typhoon damage, the designers eventually decided to adopt 50 pieces of streamline 20-meter long wooden bamboo forming a fluctuating body.  View more View full description
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