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The Competition. Launched in 2005, the redevelopment project for the quay Rambaud, along the banks of the Saône river in Lyon, is part of a vast and dynamic plan aimed at renewing the Confluence district, a formerly abandoned docklands. Though the construction of these two buildings was separated by a gap of five years, both the Orange Cube and the Green Cube were imagined simultaneously in 2005 for the same competition, organized by SCI Rhône Saône Développement under the direction of Georges Verney-Caron. Visible from the quay Rambaud, these buildings are part of the same conceptual family, yet each exhibits a unique morphology. Architectural Concept. The Euronews project is conceived as a stretched cube pierced by two conical atriums introducing daylight, air and providing views of the river for the building’s users. These atriums are imagined as two gigantic eyes looking onto the river and its environment. View more View full description
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