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The City of Piura, located in the desert of Sechura, it is surrounded by sand and dunes and the river, named after the city, barely generates a shy green corridor. However, in this difficult context, the University of Piura managed to reforest approximately a hundred and fifty hectares with a dry woodland, an oasis based on algarrobo trees where the University could settle their facilities. The Design Studio faces these extreme conditions by using two strategies: casting a big shadow and proposing a fully ventilated space. Heavy architecture, with greater thermal mass, is avoided, as it creates spaces that will either be uncomfortable or require unacceptable energy costs. A steel frame structure with a curved-formed steel deck was chosen, rising to a height ranging from 6 to 9 meters. Under this skin (formed by three 12x21 meter vaults), a large air cushion that is renewed with the slightest breeze dissipates the roof deck radiation. View more View full description
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