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Gabriela House is a single family house located in an area in the process of urban development of the city of Merida, Mexico. The aim was to provide the user with a serene yet convenient haven, which had security considerations, thermal comfort and energy efficiency, and low cost of construction and maintenance. The house is tucked away from the street. Along with the walls of the adjoining properties, it generates a small square, which was designed as a public space with the goal of producing a use to the public street, a feature of traditional Yucatan architecture contributing to neighborhood safety . This is the space before access to the house, which is accentuated by a water feature formed by an area of organic elements that works as a control for mosquitoes and provides oxygen by natural means to another area that is accessible for recreational use. This element is viewed from all social areas of the house, with special interaction with the entrance hall. View more View full description
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