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A peculiar quietude is a rare commodity for an individual living in the context of a metropolis city. Saigon, a vibrant, yet ecologically and mentally polluted city. One can feel at ease and content toward architecture that awaken their sensibility of life and offer a place for refuge to rejuvenate their vitality. House 339 is a poetic interpretation of a house as a retreat. Although it has undergone many renovations prior the family acquisition, the intricate truss roof system remains intact, a true architectural gem in such city. Thus, it is preserved while the rest of the house is demolished and build anew. Situated in a dense urban setting, the residence is surrounded by houses on 3 sides and faces one of the busiest roads in Saigon; traffic and noise pollution is always constant. It presents a blank face to the street, just a storefront and an entrance door leading to the garage, the kind of feature one can find on any busy street in Saigon. View more View full description
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