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Canglong Golf Club is located at the bank of Tangxun Lake in Jiangxia District of Wuhan.  As a tourist reception center of Canglong Island Wetland Park as well as a golf supporting facility, Canglong Golf Club ought to meet needs of two groups(tourists and golf players), and meanwhile show the relation between two functions (functions of reception center and golf facility). Thus architectures should, within the available land, reasonably organize the two functions and respond to surrounding environment. The major concerns of architectures are how to make full use of the surrounding natural or artificial views to serve the club and create different space effects. Here is the blueprint. The club is a two-story horizontally developed construction with its first floor equipped with spa, kitchen, stores and Caddy master while the second floor café, restaurant and meeting room. All of them have separate entrances but are connected by a central spiral stair. The neat construction means it can reduce the destruction to the original landscape as much as possible. View more View full description
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