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Les Bassins à flot Les Bassins à flot is an exceptional area in Bordeaux because of its maritime and manufacturing past and its patrimonial nature. The entire venue was added to UNESCO's World Heritage Site list in 2007. It is also singular for the position it occupies in the Bordeaux urban development project. This vast port area acts as a kind of hyphen between Les Chartrons and Bacalan and between Lac and the large area of La Bastide thanks to the recently constructed Bacalan-Bastide bridge. The Bassins district is serviced by the line-B tramway and contains extensive public spaces intended for radical transformation, i.e. the port area itself, but also a reconfiguration of Place Latule, rue Lucien-Faure and the Bacalan-Bastide bridge. Among the buildings and elements of this heritage site worth mentioning are the submarine pen, the dry dock slips, the locks, the silos, the food-storage buildings, some of the warehouses on the rue Achard, the cranes and, of course, the docks themselves for their size and shape. Just as remarkable are the 18th-century Richelieu house, the Garage Moderne, the Nautilus, the paving-stone quays, the bridges, the harbormaster's office, the Lesieur factory and the water that runs into the submarine pens. Developed by Agence Nicolas Michelin & Associés with the Atelier des Bassins, the urban development project was based on the idea of "doing cities differently". View more View full description
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