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"Cooking in all its forms and styles should never stop being a hobby and a passion for those who are dedicated to it" Incorporated into the strategic plan of the newly renovated House, Tai Sushi chain based in Irapuato, DF and nearly a dozen of these strategically nestled in the city of Leon, Guanajuato. Inaugurate its latest installment in the old town of the same property in the north of the city, conceived as a place of high Japanese cuisine combining concepts of ex-hacienda with cosmopolitan airs translated in their selection of materials, proportions and taking controlling factor innovation its eight plates to the delight of their finest diners. His new architectural language dignifies the concept of nature thanks to the neutral range in color, nakedness and simplicity of its materials. Within the requirements and constraints in several areas scoop was handled as physical and visual communication as a constant in and out of the proposed area is was achieved with the design of a solid pine wood in different treatments which contains so open your kitchen and main access status, vestibulando bulkhead containing the main hall and which is delimited with a perimeter planter unleashed every way for its unusual condition in a controlled manner into the unpublished recreates conformations of stalactites and stalagmites wooden consolidation point as columns, referring to a culinary career that dropwise solidifies within a genus of foodies, these physical form promptly framed plates in the lounge and sleek private sections based on pine vertical sheltering their main chefs touting the culinary arts. View more View full description
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